In-Depth Marine Construction of Ocean County New Jersey are marine contractors who have been in business since 1978. In that time we have been providing to our customers and business associates a most comprehensive line of marine services along with innovative marine technology and the highest standards of professionalism. I.D.M.C. are not only dock builders and pier builders but are equipped to handle marine inspections, marine construction including marine bulkheads, salvage, surveys, testing and blasting, along with many other associated areas in the marine field including marine structures, bulkheads and foundations, new construction and rehabilitation.

Behind us stands 28 years of military, commercial diving and marine construction experience. Using the expertise acquired during that time, we have been able to render service to such organizations such as the U.S. Navy, U.S. Coast Guard, AT&T, Department of Environmental Protection, New Jersey Department of Transportation, New Jersey Highway Authority and many other engineering firms, construction companies, private sector and residential customers.

Our staff is highly proficient in all aspects of the marine field, including an up-to-date safety program and mechanical expertise and diversified skills. Our policy is to ensure reliable performance and professionally serve the needs of our clients.